Almont Travel

Almont is a luxury and  VIP travel management company that provides a truly bespoke service to high-level business and leisure clients worldwide. We specialise in creating tailor made travel arrangements, with every last detail being carefully considered and taken care of to ensure that each journey is comfortable, discreet and luxurious. 

We have relationships with leading airlines, private jet, yacht and helicopter charters, as well as, top hotels and exclusive members services that allow us to open locked doors, ensure VIP treatment and, crucially, increase value for our clients. Our relationships span countries and continents creating unrivalled global reach that connects our clients to the very best offers around the world.

Unlike like a traditional concierge service our success is not based on membership fees meaning that our professional advisors have every incentive to negotiate the best possible rates and secure the best possible deals for our clients.

Where there is a challenge we will rise to it finding the perfect solution so you can relax in the knowledge that every last detail is being expertly taken care of.